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playground playsafe tile

PlaySafe PERFORM TileStarting at 10.00 Price/Sq. Ft.

Playground surfacing is the single most important factor in reducing the risk of injury from falls. According to the Canada Safety Council, “An estimated 25,000 children nationwide receive emergency treatment every year due to injuries in the playground.” In the United States, this number rises to over 200,000 children. Of this figure, falls from equipment account for two-thirds of the injuries and account for over $1 billion in medical and lawsuit costs annually.

4ft Fall Height

1.75” Rubber

Buy 1.75”

6ft Fall Height

2.50” Rubber

Buy 2.50”

8ft Fall Height

1.75” Rubber + 1.75” Foam Pad

Buy 3.50”

10ft Fall Height

2.5” Rubber + 1.5” Foam Pad

Buy 4.00”
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