New England Black Wolves Box Lacrosse System

$375,000.00 $125,000.00

The Albany FireWolves purchased and relocated the New England Black Wolves to Albany, NY and are no longer in need of the field system shown in the picture. The FireWolves are willing to sell this system, which includes the turf, boards, glass, and netting. Only 7 years old and in good condition.    The field system is currently packed in the following manner:
  • Turf Rolls : 17’ x 44” ( 13 Rolls)
  • Dasher Pallets: 104” x 48” x 65” H (13 Pallets)
  • Dasher Pallets: 4’x’5×5’ (H) x 5
  • Plexi: 100”x65”x24” ( x5)
  • Dasher Pole Pallet: 116”x48”x52” (x1)
  • Spare Dasher Pole w/cart : 116”x45”x39”
  • Pallet: 48”x48” x 36″
Call or email for more details.

Available while supplies last!

Call: 1-888-363-6289 to order now.

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